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Why you should attend ERPNext Conference 2019

ERPNext Conference (October 17–18) is the Ground Zero for Business Applications going Open Source.

Rushabh Mehta September 11, 2019

Why you should attend the ERPNext Conference 2019

Explore open-source ERP software that will force you to rethink your business strategy.

Jai Chavan August 15, 2019

Community Talks from ERPNext Conference 2017

ERPNext Conference is a yearly event where the ERPNext community members meet, discuss, and give talks on their ERPNext experience.

Umair Sayyed November 15, 2017

Developers Talk from ERPNext Conference 2017

ERPNext Conference 2017 includes many live coding session in which new features were developed from scratch and contributed to the core repo

Umair Sayyed November 14, 2017

ERPNext Conference Europe 2017

The first ERPNext Conference in Europe will be held from March 17-18 at Frankfurt

Carly Ottenbreit January 9, 2017

ERPNext Version 7.2.0 Beta Release

Updates about ERPNext version 7.2.0 beta release and the testing process. And highlights of some of the key features of this version.

Nabin Hait December 15, 2016

Talks from ERPNext Conference 2016

ERPNext Conference is an yearly event where ERPNext community gives talk over ERPNext feature and how to take product forward.

Umair Sayyed October 31, 2016

ERPNext Version 7

ERPNext Version 7 is here

Rushabh Mehta July 26, 2016

Talks from ERPNext Conference 2015

A quick round up of big announcements at the ERPNext Conference 2015

Rushabh Mehta October 16, 2015

Why You Should Attend the ERPNext Conference

Reasons to attend the best open source conference in India

Rushabh Mehta September 4, 2015

From Free to Trial

Reasons for switching back to a 30 day trial

Rushabh Mehta June 4, 2015

Welcome Frappe

Ringing in a string of new changes after Version 5 and Frappe

Rushabh Mehta March 11, 2015

Version 5

Introducing ERPNext Version 5

Anand Doshi January 9, 2015

Pinnacle GIS Joins as a Sponsor for ERPNext

We welcome Pinnacle GIS as our second ERPNext Sponsor

Rushabh Mehta July 9, 2014

ERPNext Version 4 is Here

This one is for the developers. ERPNext Version 4 is now out with a new plugin / app architecture, Re-branded framework and platform (frappe

Rushabh Mehta May 5, 2014

ERPNext Analytics

We are please to announce our best ever update. ERPNext Analytics.

Rushabh Mehta September 21, 2012

ERPNext Event in Nigeria by Xavier Ltd

ERPNext was successfully launched in Nigeria by partner Xavier Business Solutions at a grand ev

Rushabh Mehta September 4, 2012

ERP in Education at Univesity of Waterloo

ERPNext is used by the University of Waterloo to impart real life ERP education.

Rushabh Mehta August 25, 2012