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Open Source Software Is Safer

Quality cannot be absolute. It's a process, which goes on.

Umair Sayyed August 29, 2018

Making ERPNext Help Videos with Scripting

How we upgraded to automation of help video creation for ERPNext.

Umair Sayyed August 26, 2017

The Build Server

How we create our Virtual Machine images effortlessly and automatically

Valmik Jangla August 1, 2016

Why we moved from Celery to RQ

Although Celery is the industry standard for background jobs, we are moving to RQ because of its simplicity

Anand Doshi May 4, 2016

ERPNext High Availability

A look into ERPNext deployment architecture

Pratik Vyas September 1, 2014

MySQL Hot Backup in Real Life

We used innobackupex to take a hot backup of our MySQL instance on Frappecloud

Pratik Vyas July 7, 2014

Who is Playing?

My take on excessive gaming habit.

Umair Sayyed July 16, 2013

Internet Security

Reflections on Internet security after an eventful week.

Rushabh Mehta June 8, 2013

Debugging Network Connectivity Issues

We often forget that the Internet is a utility that is run on cables, pipes, power and a lot more and it can go down sometimes too.

Anand Doshi April 3, 2013

MIT Magnifies Motion

MIT's team find a way to monitor neonatal babies and see invisible motion using just a camera and their software

Anand Doshi March 2, 2013

Stop Using Windows XP

That sophisticated security system won't be of any help if you keep the door unlocked.

Anand Doshi February 16, 2013

If My Car Had An API

A year ago, I bought a 6 year old used car - a Maruti Suzuki Swift ZXi. It was surprisingly well maintained and I was satisfied with the

Anand Doshi February 8, 2013

Scaling ERPNext with MySQL

(Suggestions Wanted)

Scaling is what I call a "good" problem to have. As we keep adding customers and trial accounts, our

Rushabh Mehta January 30, 2013

It's Elementary OS, my dear Watson

Last weekend, when I sent my mac for repairs, I brought home a spare office laptop to setup a development environment for my work on ERPN

Anand Doshi December 24, 2012