Posts by Rushabh Mehta

Taking ERPNext to Jakarta and East Asia

Experiences from a wonderful trip to Jakarta, Indonesia for an ERPNext Training

Rushabh Mehta January 24, 2018

Who are We?

An attempt to define the ERPNext Community and Values

Rushabh Mehta December 25, 2017

How to Build A Sustainable ERPNext Business

As the ERPNext community grows, I have had the opportunity to talk with a lot of community members on building businesses

Rushabh Mehta September 5, 2017

Understanding the ERPNext Ecosystem

Summary of what the ERPNext ecosystem wants next

Rushabh Mehta August 8, 2017

How Things Work at Frappe

Is Frappe a company or community? A primer for new developers working at Frappe

Rushabh Mehta July 3, 2017

Thoughts on Open Source Communities

Two paths to build successful open source communities

Rushabh Mehta May 23, 2017

Thoughts from Frankfurt

Reflections on a very successful ERPNext Europe Conference in Frankfurt

Rushabh Mehta March 31, 2017

An Open Letter to the Odoo Community

Why the Odoo Community needs to take up ERPNext

Rushabh Mehta January 2, 2017

Versioning and Audit Trail

Adding Versioning and Audit Trail in ERPNext

Rushabh Mehta January 2, 2017

ERPNext in 2017

What to expect from ERPNext in 2017

Rushabh Mehta December 30, 2016

Building a Meaningful Place to Work

Thoughts on how to make work more meaningful for an expanding team at ERPNext

Rushabh Mehta November 23, 2016

Coming Together: Thoughts from the Conference

The 2016 ERPNext Conference was transformational. A summary of things to come.

Rushabh Mehta October 18, 2016

Better Error Logging with Frappe

Bad Error Handling is one of the toughest problems in software architecture and a reason for most breakdowns

Rushabh Mehta October 7, 2016

Upcoming Changes in Web Forms and Portals

Web Forms are due a major upgrade in Version 7.1

Rushabh Mehta September 27, 2016

Sending Transaction Email for ERPNext

Best practices for sending Transaction email with your ERPNext account.

Rushabh Mehta September 26, 2016

Why Attend the ERPNext Conference 2016

The third annual ERPNext Conference is here. Reasons why you cannot miss it.

Rushabh Mehta September 12, 2016

ERPNext Version 7

ERPNext Version 7 is here

Rushabh Mehta July 26, 2016

Building Ecosystems, Not Just Products

Successful consumer and small business products succeed as a part of eco-systems and not just stand-alone products.

Rushabh Mehta May 24, 2016

Getting out of the building

What happened when we decided to step out and meet our customers

Rushabh Mehta April 29, 2016

Managing Complexity

As ERPNext becomes more complex and as our team grows, we need to find new ways to manage. ERPNext is a pretty un-orthodox system and a comp

Rushabh Mehta March 21, 2016