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Open Source Software Is Safer

Quality cannot be absolute. It's a process, which goes on.

Umair Sayyed August 29, 2018

The Case of ERP Customization

Customization is a privilege, which means it comes at a cost. Are you really ready for it?

Umair Sayyed April 29, 2018

ERPNext Implementation at Curiositi

The story of how Curiositi, a startup based in Bangalore, India implemented ERPNext to manage their business of educational kits.

Umair Sayyed March 23, 2018


How ERPNext helps you to tackle VAT in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Umair Sayyed December 29, 2017

Community Talks from ERPNext Conference 2017

ERPNext Conference is a yearly event where the ERPNext community members meet, discuss, and give talks on their ERPNext experience.

Umair Sayyed November 15, 2017

Developers Talk from ERPNext Conference 2017

ERPNext Conference 2017 includes many live coding session in which new features were developed from scratch and contributed to the core repo

Umair Sayyed November 14, 2017

Making ERPNext Help Videos with Scripting

How we upgraded to automation of help video creation for ERPNext.

Umair Sayyed August 26, 2017

ERPNext is GST Ready

A brief on the GST India features in ERPNext.

Umair Sayyed July 6, 2017

ERPNext Implementation at Pranera Services

Case study of how ERPNext was implemented at Pranera Services, and what motivated them to migrate from self-hosting to host with Frappe.

Umair Sayyed June 18, 2017

Most Liked Features in ERPNext

Learning of user behavior based on support issues

Umair Sayyed June 6, 2017

ERPNext Implementation at Pasbaan-E-Adab

Story of how a not-for-profit cultural organization could operate like a corporate with ERPNext.

Umair Sayyed March 24, 2017

Is Accounting Software Enough?

Based on my talk at Mumbai University, addressed to commerce graduates.

Umair Sayyed February 9, 2017

Open Day January 2017

Summary of activities in January 2017

Umair Sayyed February 1, 2017

ERPNext Implementation at Eurosteel India

Summary of how Eurosteel India, importer and trader of office furniture implemented ERPNext.

Umair Sayyed December 6, 2016

Android and my 70 Year Old Dad

My take on how our learning curve depends upon our attitude.

Umair Sayyed November 11, 2016

Talks from ERPNext Conference 2016

ERPNext Conference is an yearly event where ERPNext community gives talk over ERPNext feature and how to take product forward.

Umair Sayyed October 31, 2016

Offering Quicker Customer Support

ERPNext features we use to reply faster to support queries.

Umair Sayyed September 29, 2016

How We Started Making Help Videos for ERPNext

How would you feel if you walked into a store, but there was no one to explain what was being sold? Weird isn't it?

Umair Sayyed August 25, 2016

ERPNext implementation at Omega Natural Polarity

Summary of how Omega Natural Polarity, a solar devices manufacturer implemented ERPNext

Umair Sayyed July 26, 2016

ERPNext - A Detective Story

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real person, living or dead, or any resemblance to situ

Umair Sayyed March 1, 2016